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About Us

Coastal Plastering & Repair’s History

The rich history of Tallahassee’s buildings is embedded deep into the history of our plastering company. We love the beauty of the Florida buildings. Furthermore, our team respects the southern craftsmen who were there before us.

Our roots started in 2002 when Neal Turlington worked at a local plaster business learning about the craft. The philosophy of plastering is to apply oneself completely. He learned every technique from who he worked for. Neal pushed the limits of excellence in pursuit of mastery of his skillset.


Experience the Difference with Our Team

One of the pleasures of being a plastering and stucco contractor is that we get to work in all sorts of different buildings and historic homes. We trace the hand of the master craftsmen who were there before us. This means analyzing the patterns and techniques that were unique to their hand, looking critically and asking; “left or right handed, hard or soft trowel, wrist or shoulder rotation,” etc. We walk away with the satisfaction of knowing that the work was done with respect for the original craftsman. Excellent results is what we live for!

Coastal plastering and repair tallahasse

Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission statement is our core purpose; essentially: why and what is the purpose of our business? Why do we exist for our customers?



Coastal Plastering and Repair will deliver the highest level of integrity, reliability, quality, and professionalism in Tallahassee. We will do this through impeccable service and proactive communication to our clients.


Coastal Plastering and Repair will build strong relationships among the diverse and evolving needs of the construction industry. We will strive to become the leading plastering and stucco company in Tallahassee and surrounding areas.


• Provide open and honest communication.
• The clientele will receive fast and friendly service.
• Our clientele can count on our integrity and trust.
• Customers can count on our integrity during all phases of a job.
• We will be punctual when arriving and clean up after every job.
• When there is an issue, we will make it right.

We Are the Best Building Repair Contractors Check out Some of Our Services

  • Patching Small & Large Holes

  • Fixing Missing Plaster

  • Repairing Stucco Texture

  • Matching Existing Texture

  • Ceiling Textures

  • Sanding All Textures

  • Caulking Details Around Windows & Doors

  • Patch & Repair Plaster 

  • Repair of Stucco from Water Damage & Leaks

  • Repair Settlement Cracks

  • Fill & Repair Holes

  • Repair After Remodeling Damage 

  • Restore, Resurface Walls & Ceilings

  • Ornamental Plastering

  • Exterior Moldings & Castings

  • Flashing Details

  • RainTech Kickout Flashing

  • Custom Spray Gun Applications

  • Damage Tear Out

  • Water Damage Repair & Prevention

  • Chimney Repair & Waterproofing

  • Transform Existing Brick & Concrete Fireplaces

We are fully licensed. We are insured. Every job we do has an on-site supervisor. Furthermore, all of our workers are on our payroll and we provide workers' compensation. You can breathe easy knowing we have our bases covered with an amazing team.

The History Of Stucco & Plastering

The history of plastering dates back to around 7,500 BC when early civilizations in present-day Jordan were known for using a lime-based plaster for interior walls and floors of their dwellings. The Egyptians lined the walls of pyramids with a stucco type substance to keep out animals, wind and rain. They used a mixture of lime and gypsum to cover the walls. In the Greek era, plastering advanced a little more and received its name.


The word plastering is of Greek origin and means ‘to daub on’. Around 500 BC the Greeks began utilizing a form of plaster to cover the temple walls. They did this, so they could paint fresco murals on them. During the 19th century, gypsum plaster began to replace lime. This replacement helped reduce the time the plaster took to dry and enhanced the workability.


We thought it would be interesting to tell you a brief summary of the history of plastering. These techniques have proven to withstand the test of time.

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